wear a story


Italian fashion brand EXKITE came to life during a windy summer on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Ex-Pro kiter, Renzo Mancini, was working as a tester & developer for the pioneering kite maker Wipika, when he became inspired to give a new life to his retired kites - to make them “fly again”.

Mancini took his stock of pre-loved, pre-flown kites and shared the idea with Norwegian stylist and creative soul, Eirinn Skrede, and the EXKITE story was born.


Every EXKITE garment is unique and at the soul is a kite that once soared high to see the wonders of our world from above, raced in competitions tasting the salt of warm oceans, or the bite of a winter’s chill.

Our products are created to channel the spirit of adventure. Their energy lies deep in the kite´s core, ready to go anywhere with you.

EXKITE creates fashion with a story and with a soul. Wearing EXKITE means slipping inside the spirit of the kite and sharing that piece of sky, ocean or mountain where dreams were born, experiencing the next magical chapter of adventure.

Our Original collection of is made from 100% pre-flown kites - the new contemporary street wear line and accessories integrate select pieces of kite material, to carry their story with you all season long.