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EXKITE Launches in the United States

Mancini founded EXKITE in 2006 in Sardinia Italy, alongside Norwegian designer and Creative Director Eirinn Skrede as a way to breathe new life into pre-flown kites that have finished their journeys.

Consisting of Men’s and Women’s apparel and outerwear, each one-of-a-kind garment is handmade in Italy from up-cycled kite surf sails. EXKITE offers a poetic approach to fashion garments; each piece is unique and features a label on the inside detailing the origins and model of the kite, along with whom it belonged to. “With EXKITE we have created fashion with a soul”, says Mancini. “I wanted to give my kites new life, to see them fly again. We’re thrilled to share our story and brand with the US consumer, and take pride in providing sustainable, technical pieces rooted in functionality, design and craftsmanship.” Rather than adhering to the traditional seasonal fashion calendar, EXKITE offers key styles that are produced and sold all year long including jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, shorts and pants. Standout styles are the Loop jacket and vest, which see the upcycled kite sails upgraded with the addition of luxurious fleece as lining.

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