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EXKITE X BARNEYS - A unique story

The Italian sustainable streetwear brand EXKITE, that made its debut at Barneys earlier this month, will in collaboration with BARNEYS release their very limited and exclusive EXKITE x BARNEYS Collection.

EXKITE is making its one-of-a-kind products hot items for the savvy sustainable consumer, high streetwear aficionado, or anyone desiring a bold, expressive piece with its own story. This is because EXKITE uses upcycled kites to handcraft their garments into comfortable, sustainable, one-of-a-kind testaments to eco-friendly design and fashion.EXKITE is the creation of world-class kiter, test pilot and developer, Renzo Mancini, and Norwegian stylist & creative director Eirinn Skrede, a couple that mirror the unique and international offerings of EXKITE. April this year two co-branded (EXKITE/BARNEYS) kites were sent out on a special mission. A mission to collect amazing stories, adventures and fantastic experiences. They have been dipped in many oceans, fought winds and flown across lakes, rivers, and battled big waves. And last but not least, they made this adventures together with some great people flying them. They started their journey in Sardinia, Italy, then later touched base in both Los Angeles and San Francisco before they returned to Europe, to France, Spain and Norway before they finally came back to the starting point, Sardinia, where they have been transformed into a very limited and unique, and fully sustainable Capsule Collection. The result is 12 exclusive EXKITE x BARNEYS collector`s items that will be available at Barneys from mid November 2018

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