wear a story

This summer EXKITE comes "back to the roots" and launches their first flag ship concept store in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, the jewel of the Mediterranean, international luxury destination, and birth place of the brand.

The store reflects modern and innovative design over 2 levels in the centre of the Promenade. The new collection, original jackets and accessories are well presented, displaying men’s, woman’s, and kid’s pieces. The atmosphere is welcoming and encourages all visitors to explore the world of EXKITE, and a selection of unique complimentary brands and products from around the world. The Porto Cervo concept is a fusion of art, design, fashion, and the passion for adventure.

This passion is realized for kite enthusiasts and customers on the upper floor where the EXKITE-Pro Kite School offers a complete range of kite gear, including boards by Kazuma and Jimmy Lewis.

The upper level also features the EXKITE-Lab, an in-store atelier where customers can choose their favorite story and colors from a wide range of “pre-flown” kites, to customize their own unique EXKITE jacket or vest.

EXKITE is right at home in the middle of the charming Promenade Du Port. The vision is a reflection of the husband and wife team behind the brand from pristine Scandinavian design to the playful and colorful spirit of their products.

The EXKITE family invites you to let your imagination fly and visit this wonderful playground during the summer 2016 season. Come fly with us soon!


Porto Cervo
Via Porto Vecchio 1